RV Park investing course
RV Park Investing 101
Discover why Investing in RV Parks could be one of the best investments on the planet
RV Park investing report
Why RV Parks
RV Parks are one of the best real estate and business investments available. RV Parks are not just great vacation destinations but many Parks are the only affordable, long-term housing available in some regions. This course covers different types of Parks and how you can find, fund and operate a great Park for maximum returns.
This course will cover:
  • Why You Should Invest in RV Parks
  • ​The Different Types of Park Investing Opportunities (Active & Passive)
  • ​Build or Buy - The most asked question I get!
  • ​Finding a Park to invest in
  • ​Doing Your Due Diligence
  • ​Congratulations You're a Park Owner!  - Basics of Park Operations
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Module #1:
The Opportunity
Module #2:
Resort or Residential
Module #3:
Build or Buy
Module #4:
Finding a Park
Module #5:
Due Diligence
Module #6:
Park Operations
Bonus #1:
Consulting Call
bonus consulting call
Bonus #2:
Our Checklists
investing checklists
We're including these great bonuses when you buy now!  
  • BONUS 1:  A Complimentary Consulting Call to answer any questions you might have.  ($300 Value)
  • BONUS 2 : Our Checklist for Due Diligence and Park Operations. ($500 Value)
  • BONUS 3: Complimentary of our eBook, "So You Want to Build an RV Park" - This is the most frequently asked question we get!
This is the course I WISH I had when I first started investing in RV Parks.  I had no idea just how lucrative this niche would turn out to be for me.  Now, I get calls and emails from all over the world inquiring about how to get started in this great niche.  I no longer had the time to answer all the emails or take the phone calls so I decided to put it all into this first course so you can benefit from this info.  You might already have an opportunity in front of you or you might just be curious as to how much money a Park owner can make.  This course covers all that and gives you the truth the biggest question of all - Buy or Build?  

Whether you're a novice investor or have tons of experience in another investing area, this course can help you make your first buy/partner/pass decision.  I quickly discovered that the rules for other types of real estate investments simply don't apply to RV Parks.  I've seen Wholesalers try to move Parks that are priced so high no one could make a profit on them.  Whether you want to invest actively or passively, we have the info you need to make your first investment.  Don't let others' opinions stop you from making huge returns simply because they don't understand this business model.  We've even experienced investors pass on some great Park opportunities because they didn't want to take the time to understand why RV Parks make such great returns.  Don't let that happen to YOU!

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Act today and we'll send you a $200 Hotel Voucher.  That way when you find a Park you can go visit the area and start your due diligence immediately.  Act fast, quantities are limited!

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